Past Years: 2005 Summary

Wow, what a wonderful 2nd year! This year’s camp was held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel July 10-14, 2005. Due to last year’s success, the camp was expanded to include 3 groups. The average rating of the 3 groups was a very impressive with averages of 2050, 1850, and 1550, respectively. A minimum rating of 1500 was required to be invited to the camp.

Joining last year’s staff of International Masters Levon Altounian and Mark Ginsburg, and Fide Master Robby Adamson, were Grandmaster Larry Christiansen (2002 US Champion), and FM Danny Rensch (2004 High School National Champ). A list of the participants and the results of the camp tournament can be found on a separate link.

Each group had their own camp tournament, with a time control of G30 with a 5 second delay. Leo Martinez and Jonathan Cox tied for first in the top section, both tallying 4-1 scores. Josephine Valenzuela won the 2nd group. Finally, Sean Arn won the third group. The recorded games were only ½ k rated, so no one gained or lost too many points.

Some side events included a simul given by Larry Christiansen, and a blitz tournament at the local Tucson chess club. In addition, Leo Martinez, Jonathan Cox, and Mark Ginsburg hosted parties at their houses, highlighted by bughouse, blitz, basketball, swimming, atomic chess on ICC (don’t ask!), and Larry Christiansen cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. While the camp was intense, everyone in attendance learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

I can not wait till 2006!