Past Years: 2010 Summary

The 2010 Western Invitational Chess Camp was another great success. The camp instructors again featured a 3 GM lineup of Larry Christiansen, Alex Yermolinsky, and GM Melik Khachiyan. The other instructors included IM Levon Altounian, IM Danny Rensch, and myself. This year marked Larry’s 3rd year, Yermo’s 2nd, and Melik’s first year as coaches. Levon has now taught at the chess at the camp since the camp’s inception in 2004 and my Danny Rensch, has coached every year but one.

The top group had an impressive 8 players, all rated near 2100, with two masters, Nick Thompson and Kevin Zhang. The top group featured several newcomers, including several from Washington (Michael Omori and Peter Lessler) as well as some of the camp regulars. One special note is the attendance by John Williams for the sixth consecutive year. John started in the camp in the lowest group and has worked himself to high 2100’s and is almost master.

The second group sported a 1900 average rating, and included two newcomers from New Mexico (Tim Martinson and Jeff Serna), as well as two brothers from Washington (Daniel and Alec Ho). The third group featured an average rating of almost 1800, and featured some young up and comers, including Albert Lu and Craig Hilby, as well as 3 newccomers from NY (Alex Reis, Josh Abady, and Megesh Pansari).

The lowest group featured some more new players, some of whom I do not expect to see in the bottom group in group 4, including newcomers Jennifer Lu from California, Aidan Burdick from North Carolina, Cameron Cummings from Washington, and Nicolas Johnson and Josh Pennock from Arizona. Each year there is a non-rated camp tournament and the instructors vote on the instructor award for the hardest working student in each group.

Tournament Winners by Group

GroupName (Score)State
Group 1Nick Thompson (4-1)Arizona
Group 2Alec Ho (4-1)Washington
Group 3Albert Lu (4-1)California
Group 4Josh Pennock (3.5)
Aidan Burdick (3.5)
North Carolina

Instructor Award

Group 1John WilliamsArizona
Group 2Daniel PecherskiArizona
Group 3Josh AbadyNew York
Group 4Jennifer LuCalifornia

The instructor evaluations were outstanding and the camp evaluations demonstrated the success of the camp. See everyone in 2011!